Analytics Reporting & Analysis

Website Analytics & Website Performance Reports

Website analytics let you know how people are really interacting with your site.

Most websites have an analytics program, but few people have the time or energy to roll up their sleeves to dig deep and find the information that is held in them. In fact, many websites have the best analytics programs they can get – but when it comes to finding the right data for search engine placement improvement and optimization, the web analyst may suffer from “analysis paralysis” and come away with nothing.

69% of companies planning online campaigns use “intuition” in place of analytics. (source: JupiterResearch)

While your competition is using “intuition” to plan their online campaign, harvest the power of your analytics and find increased ROI as a result.

Website Analytics Reports

From implementing analytics programs, to maintaining and reporting web statistics performance on an easy to read Dashboard, CanRank loves analytics and data. By putting your data in a ready to use, easy to read format we can help you understand your website statistics.

Your web statistics offer an insightful look into how your visitors are interacting with your website. Knowing this, you can optimize your website to help them find what they need during their stay on your site. Optimization of text, design, search functionality and more can be initiated by looking at your web analytics.

After implementation of a quality web analytics program on your site, our search engine optimization management services include following up with regularly scheduled SEO reports on your site analytics. These SEO reports let you know how your key metrics are performing, and we will make suggestions for search engine placement improvement from our findings. As a result of our search engine optimization management and services, some of the improvements you should see are increased visitors and increased conversions.

Top end web analytics programs also offer PPC tracking. PPC tracking can track which visitors came to your site and what they then did on the site and can even report suspected PPC click fraud. PPC click fraud reporting tools monitor significant increases in PPC activity in relation to the rest of the account to assess PPC click fraud. Tracking potential PPC click fraud will alert you to possible fraud immediately so you can act and resolve the situation. PPC click fraud tracking can save you thousands of dollars on fraudulent clicks.

Website Performance Reports

Website performance reports are for the website owner who wants to keep track of historical website performance data (visitors, pageviews, conversions, etc) without having to dig through all the data and compile the reports themselves. Using your analytics data and some of our in-house tools we compile website performance report dashboards with your key business metrics every month. At a glance you are able to see increasing and decreasing trends, overall monthly numbers and get a holistic view of your website performance.

Continued monthly search engine optimization management includes website analytics reports, search engine ranking reports and website performance report summaries with comments and suggestions to help you maintain and increase search engine rankings.