Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of fine-tuning your website to achieve higher search engine rankings. By doing so and ranking higher than your competition, you can capture more potential leads that are searching for your services.

As no two websites are the same, no two SEO projects will be the same. Each search engine optimization strategy is created individually for each of our clients. Before we begin our search engine optimization projects, marketing campaigns or consulting work, we will be completing a full SEO Site Audit to get a comprehensive view of what exactly needs to be done and what are the top priorities to address to help you reach your goals.

Your search engine optimization efforts will pull you ahead of your competition. If your competition is search engine optimization savvy it is a little more work to out rank them than if they are search engine clueless. Due to changing competitive landscapes, search engine algorithm updates and changing organic search engine optimization techniques, maintaining high search engine rankings may require continuous organic optimization and search engine marketing initiatives. Please contact us for an estimate for Search Engine Optimisation for your website.

Barriers to Indexing

Most of the biggest problems that keeps websites from ranking well can be considered “Barriers to Indexing”. These are the little things most people don’t know about that block search engines from indexing their site, confuse search engine indexers when they get there, create duplicate content issues, and make their sites appear to be blank when the search engine spiders come to crawl.

CanRank will address all potential barriers to indexing in our initial site audit to ensure your optimization efforts will go noticed and rewarded.

Website Structure Optimisation

Website structure is one of the more under-utilized SEO tactics. Voyage marketing will tweak your site navigation structure, layout, crumb trails, menus, headings, and more to ensure search engine indexers get the most out of your site when they crawl and index it.

Keyword Research

Did you know that “advertising agency” is searched more than “ad agency”? Not only that, but it is searched over 4 times more.

Keyword research gives us the insight we need to optimise your web copy for the terms that will drive the most traffic to your site. More traffic = more sales. It is essential to have the proper keyword phrases on your site to attract the right visitors.

Organic (natural) search engine optimization campaigns must include keyword research, without it you are left guessing what search terms people are using. Our search engine optimization firm uses the finest keyword research tools available to find what people are searching for online, and the variations in their searches. Knowing what keyword phrases people search for helps our natural search engine optimization specialists to incorporate these words into your meta tags, HTML code and website content – the next steps of natural search engine optimization.

Content Optimisation

Content optimisation is the most important part of organic SEO. Your website content should be clear, concise and tailored to your visitors first and search engines second. Keyword placement and website copywriting are the meat of on-page optimization. Our copywriters ensure that your content is tailored for your visitors while being optimised for the search engines.