Paid Search Marketing

When you need top search engine rankings immediately, your internet marketing strategy should include Search Engine Marketing (SEM) initiatives such as pay-per-click advertising (PPC). PPC advertising allows every website the opportunity to appear on the first page of the search results, in the paid (sponsored) listings section. These ads are shown on the top and right-hand side of the search results page when a search is performed, and the PPC advertisers pay the search engines only when their ad is clicked on; hence the name pay-per-click. PPC search engine marketing is also an incredibly effective tool for corporate branding and awareness building. Even when your site is showing up “naturally” in the search results, the double exposure gained with paid advertising greatly increases the amount of traffic you can drive to your site.

PPC advertising platforms change frequently and maintaining top ad positioning with a positive return on investment can take a lot of your time away from running your business. CanRank search engine marketing specialists are up-to-date with the current PPC advertising platforms and know the tricks of the trade to create an optimized PPC campaign, and to optimize your current PPC advertising accounts.

Creation of Campaigns

Creating a Google AdWords account or a Facebook search marketing campaign isn’t very difficult, but creating an optimized PPC search marketing account can take a lot of time and testing. As a qualified and trusted PPC advertising firm, you can trust your PPC advertising budget to our paid search marketing experts who can do it right the first time. CanRank is a certified Google Partner and has qualified Google AdWords Professionals on staff to keep your accounts performing at their best.

While many search engines have their own PPC advertising platforms, the most commonly used PPC adverting platforms are:

  • Google AdWords (including YouTube video ads)
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

But we also have a lot of experience with secondary platforms, local platforms and niche platforms for CPC, display ads and branding initiatives.

Optimisation of Existing Accounts

Pay-per-click optimization starts with campaign structure and continues right through to tracking conversions on your website.

PPC Campaign Structure – How you structure your PPC advertising campaign can have an effect on your account performance.

PPC Ad Copy – Compelling PPC ad copy will catch the eye of those who see it and will increase clicks to your site.

PPC Landing Pages – When paying for search engine placement, don’t waste your money on unqualified leads. Direct your PPC ad visitors to the page most suited to their search when they click on your PPC ad.

PPC Keyword Choices – Conducting extensive PPC keyword research is essential for any PPC advertising account. Many pay-per-click advertisers spend thousands of dollars on keywords that are not targeted or specific enough to their business. Conducting PPC keyword research and testing these keywords to determine the keywords that will give the best return on investment (ROI) will help to increase qualified visitors while reducing ad spend.

Implement Conversion Tracking – Track which PPC visitors are converting and which are not. Knowing your keyword conversion rates will help you to further optimise your PPC ad copy and PPC keyword choices.

Website Optimizer for Google AdWords Account Holders – If you have a Google AdWords account and conduct ecommerce transactions on your website, you are eligible to use Google’s Website Optimizer. Google’s handy website optimization tool helps to test what landing page differences have the greatest impact on conversion.

Monthly PPC Campaign Management & Maintenance

Many PPC advertisers create their account, set their max CPC bids, and then leave their PPC advertising account to run itself. Unfortunately, with many of your competitors using PPC campaign management services and automatic bid maintenance tools, your PPC advertisements will quickly fall down and out of the search results or be bullied into ranking first at a cost you’d rather not pay.

PPC management services ensure that your PPC accounts continue to run smoothly, your PPC keywords are ranking well, and your competitors are not taking you on a run for your money. Monthly PPC management ensures your seasonal PPC advertising campaigns run on schedule, all your links and landing pages are still active and correct, and that you are ranking where you should be for a decent ad spend. CanRank PPC campaign managers know how to work the platforms to keep your costs low and your conversions high.

Amber Weisgerber Google AdWords Search Certified