Looking to work with a great team, on great clients, and have a flexible schedule that allows for a great work/life balance? Then you want to work with CanRank! Our team is passionate about internet marketing, social media and analytics, and we work because we love what we do. CanRank also recognizes the importance of a work/life balance and offers a flexible schedule to allow you to work when you want and go play when you want.

Are you passionate about any of the following?

SEO, Website Analytics, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, PR or other/all areas of internet marketing? Contact us and we might just have the internet marketing job you are looking for.

Current Open Internet Marketing Positions:

Account Manager

You have keen attention to detail and like to meet deadlines. You understand the workflow of online marketing and are a great communicator, understanding that some people need specifics and others don’t. Your organization skills and easy going manner make you a resource for those around you. You probably also organize things in your house numerically, alphabetically, or by colour.

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Intermediate SEO Position

You know about Schema.org, online reputation management, can identify a bad link neighbourhood, and you frequently run Screaming Frog through websites just to see what comes back. You also enjoy keyword research, technical SEO audits, content optimisation, link building, reporting, and developing traffic generation strategies.

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Ready to enter the amazingly interesting and sometimes challenging field of online marketing? There is a shortage of awesome SEOs & SEMs in Calgary and we are ready to train you to become one of the best. You will work side by side with our strategists, account managers, and search experts on a variety of clients and projects that can help you to develop your skills and beef up your resume. CanRank is a growing online marketing agency and there is room to move up in the company. Let us know if you have a passion for digital media and want to turn it into a career!

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